Dry Bhakhri
Dry Bhakhri is a snack mostly used in Gujarat and Maharashtra. This snack is a type of chapatti which is made using wheat flour and spices. This is very delicious to consume and can be paired with pickles and tea. This snack is loved by people, in the market. 
Dhana Dal
Dhana Dal is a good source of vitamins like K, C, B, along with many antioxidants and minerals. This dal gives refreshing taste and clears bad odor in mouth. This dal helps in digestion and insomnia. This dal is very easy to make and safe for your health too. 
Elaichi Sounf
Elaichi Sounf is preferred for its benefits like it helps in relieving acidity, helps alleviate respiratory illness, fights anaemia, as well as regulated your heart rate. This is also used as a freshener which will refresh your mood and relaxes your mind. This is very effective as well as economcial to use. 
Khatta Awla
Khatta Awla is a burst of tangy taste candy that helps in improving digestion. The digestive is natural and has a sweet and sour taste. It is a rich source of natural nutrients and anti-oxidants. It also helps reduce stomach acidity and gas. This is very cost effective in nature.  

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